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Commerce At The Speed Of Instant

Commerce At The Speed Of Instant

When the question is about how to do something better as we head into the 2020s, the answer is to make it faster, make it digital and make it easier to access. Big ships turn slowly – established infrastructure is hard to change, and ingrained practices aren’t easy to shift overnight, even if no one likes them. But turn they ultimately will – because the consumer has spoken, and made it clear that they want the ability to transact instantly – and they want it now.


$29.5B: Value of real-time B2B disbursements forecasted by 2023.

90 percent: Share of customers who will opt for a digital payment over a check.

40 years: Amount of time The Clearing House has been operational.

30-90: Number of days the average supplier spends waiting to be paid by their buyer.

28: Number of open locations B8ta will have by the end of the year.