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Consumers’ Growing Appetite For Order To Eat

Consumers’ Growing Appetite For Order To Eat

The convenience of mobile order delivery has spurred top-line growth for quick-service restaurants. And, increasingly, several of the marquee names in the space have devoted time and significant sums of money to develop the mobile ordering experience. The investments represent a key component of the firms’ business models, enabled by AI and other advanced technologies, as shown in the latest Order to Eat Tracker.


10%: Share of Wendy’s total top line projected to originate from digital orders by 2024.

25%: Year-over-year growth in Dunkin’s on-the-go mobile order volume.

16: Number of U.S. markets in which Starbucks delivers.

88%: Growth in Chipotle’s digital orders in Q3 of 2019.

$4B: Amount of McDonald’s sales estimated to come from delivery by the end of 2019.