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Delivering Card Management To Consumers With MCS

Delivering Card Management With MCS

Consumers might not know about mobile card services (MCS), but they tend to be intrigued when told about the capabilities of these features. In business-to-business (B2B) payments news, GoCardless has announced a new recurring payments deal that involves U.S.-based DocuSign. And, in gig economy news, Lime has tapped PayPal’s Hyperwallet for global payouts. All This, Today in Data.


$400 million: Amount for which PayPal bought Hyperwallet last year.

$236 billion: Amount that was paid out to gig workers through pay advances in 2018.

79.6 percent: Share of potential MCS users who are “very” or “extremely” interested in receiving alerts when children use shared cards.

24.5 percent: Share of potential MCS users who believe spending limits would improve their money management.

40,000: Approximate number of businesses that GoCardless serves around the world.