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Delivering Faster And More Secure Payments

Delivering Faster And More Secure Payments

The financial services landscape is moving to upgrade existing payment infrastructures or create new systems to deliver faster and more secure payments. In the business-to-business (B2B) space, efforts to truly transform payments are fraught with challenges. And, in retail, Unbound Merino could change the rules of hygiene with a line of clothing that can be worn multiple times, and design innovator Jony Ive is leaving Apple. All this, Today In Data.


$79 billion: Estimated value of India’s remittances market in 2018.

69 percent: Share of organizations that cited lack of integration between electronic payments and accounting systems as a leading barrier to electronic payments adoption.

$65: Starting price of an Unbound T-shirt.

$40 trillion: Estimated value of funds transferred over SWIFT gpi in 2018.

20: Minimum number of years for which Jony Ive worked at Apple.