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The Next Frontier In Connecting Across Channels

The Next Frontier In Connecting Across Channels

It might be a bit of a cliché to note that we live in an increasingly connected world – though given that literally tens of billions of connected devices are predicted to go online in the next year or so, it is a mathematically accurate one. There are holdouts – business processes mired in manual labor, the ever-present suite of security risks wherever data is exchanged. But the world has gone digital, and financial services are rising up to meet customers where they are to bring them along – which means the next frontier is finding ways to clear those last few connections securely.


26 billion: The estimated number of connected devices on Earth by 2020.

2.2 billion: The number of stolen emails and passwords that have surfaced online.

$30 million: The total amount of funding raised by Green Dot before going public in 2010.

85 percent: The share of businesses that will implement IoT solutions over the next several months.

38 percent: Share of companies that manually check each expense to enforce their travel policies.