Driving Payments Innovation With Invisibility

Driving Payments Innovation With Invisibility

Innovators in payments and commerce are making what was once visible, invisible – and changing the path to purchase in the process. In compliance news, consumers are flocking to eCommerce, but sellers have to manage the complexity of local sales tax regulations. And, in retail, companies such as Magic Spoon are offering contemporary upgrades to cereal, while the area of voice retail is heating up. All this, Today in Data.


60,000: Minimum number of smart home devices on which Alexa is found.

2009: The year Square introduced a white square dongle that turned smartphones into POS terminals.

230 million: Number of U.S. consumers expected to be shopping online by 2021.

$42 million: Estimated revenue Massachusetts will collect during fiscal year 2019 due to its economic nexus law.

12 grams: Amount of protein in an average bowl of Magic Spoon cereal.