Today In Data: The Future Of Faster Payments

Financial Innovation Now (FIN) submitted a public letter in December, contending that the Fed was best-positioned to operate a ubiquitous, interoperable real-time payments network. Innovation, flexibility and agility helped drive WEX’s acquisition of Discovery Benefits, Inc. (DBI). Mobile is expected to comprise more than half of eCommerce in the coming years. Online retailers are forecasted to open hundreds of stores, and Brandless has rolled out a subscription service. All this, Today in Data.


850: The number of stores online retailers are forecasted to open from this year until 2023.

$100 million: The amount of revenue generated by Discovery Benefits, Inc. (DBI) in 2018.

84 percent: The share of consumers who prefer using a debit card as their alias (instead of a phone number or email address) for instant funds, as suggested by a study of disbursement use cases.

54 percent: The share of eCommerce that mobile is expected to comprise by the year 2021.

$3: The almost across-the-board price point for products at Brandless, which recently rolled out a subscription service.