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Finding Shoppers A Home Of Their Own

Finding Shoppers A Home Of Their Own

Given the amount of time the average consumer spends glued to a smartphone, it is not terribly surprising to see the large number of firms trying to build the one uber app that rules the rest. But while a majority of consumers might see the value, the reality may be hard to deliver, given the diverse tastes consumers show individually and by demographic. Given all the niche spots and creators on the web, will it ever be possible to build a digital home for all customers to come back to?


$1 billion: The amount Patreon is set to pay out to digital creators by the end of 2019.

80 percent: Share of customers who check their mobile phones before brushing their teeth.

54 percent: Share of consumers who see value in having one “everyday app” to rule all other apps.

$12: Average amount a Patreon user pledges to their chosen content creators.

99 cents: Price Amazon Prime student members will now pay for access to Amazon Music Unlimited.