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How Digital Is Transforming Vital Industries In 2019

How Digital Is Transforming Industries In 2019

At the dawn of a new decade, everything from grocery shopping to disaster relief is getting a digital upgrade. And as all that happens, authentication and artificial intelligence are helping big digital players significantly up their game. As hurricane season starts, PYMNTS takes a deep dive into new issues related to digital disaster relief, and looks at how digital is transforming other industries.


2,000+: Number of grocery items Target plans to sell via its in-house brand by the end of 2020.

65 percent: Share of German customers who use one or more mobile banking apps.

55 percent: Estimated portion of consumers who will use bank branches by 2024.

63 percent: Share of mobile device users who have downloaded at least one financial app.

75 percent: U.S. consumer who wouldn’t open a bank account with an FI that had no mobile banking.