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Food For Thought With Mobile Order-Ahead

Food For Thought With Mobile Order-Ahead

Mastication’s gone mobile, with bits and bytes taking their place alongside actual bites. As shown in the latest Mobile Order-Ahead Tracker, a collaboration between PYMNTS and Kount, the numbers are big and getting bigger, measured in the billions of dollars and millions of app downloads. One thing is for sure: The bad guys have taken notice, and so mobile fraud attacks have been on the upswing, too.


$199 billion: Estimated value of the U.S. QSR industry.

14,400: Number of Chipotle mobile app downloads logged daily.

117 percent: Increase in mobile device attacks over the past 12 months.

100,000: Number of orders placed on Sonic Drive’s mobile app daily.

60 percent: Share of digital restaurant orders placed on a mobile device.