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Getting Everyone Into The Innovation Fast Lane

Getting Everyone Into The Innovation Fast Lane

With Uber and Lyft IPOs now solidly in the rearview mirror, the question for many watching the market is what’s next – and what will the the next round of innovations in retail and payments look like? And how inclusive will they be? As commerce goes increasingly online, and becomes digital and automated, will there be enough on-ramps for the millions of Americans whose payments are still largely paper-based?


$82 million: Uber’s pre-IPO valuation.

8.4 million: Number of unbanked U.S. households.

300,000: Number of people who have gotten rid of their cars due to Lyft (according to Lyft).

50: Approximate number of years ATMs have been in wide usage.

14 percent: Projected growth of the smart vending machines market over the next few years.