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Bringing Up The Averages In Payments And Commerce

Bringing Up Averages In Payments And Commerce

If we had to pick one word for what every payments and commerce player wants, “more” would be a reasonable candidate. More conversions, greater value out of those sales and a greater number of ways to connect to consumers. But getting more often entails doing more – and making it easier for consumers to push and receive funds while feeling safe and secure throughout all of those transactions.


$252: Average order value among consumers who pay with Amazon Pay

70 percent: Share of CUs with assets over $5B that are interested in data analytics-based innovation

36 percent: Share of credit unions that want to improve their security and fraud management efforts

12: Number of hours Western Union senders have to submit cash to transfer after starting a transaction online

5: Number of days consumers wait, on average, to get a package delivered by an eCommerce merchant for free