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How Payments (And Healthcare) Drive Digital Innovation

There is a gap between what merchants say they want to do toward innovation and what they actually do — and from that gap come insights into retail and payments. A big payments acquisition, meanwhile, shines light on what the next commerce and transaction developments will look like. In healthcare, new technology designed to strengthen authentication is gaining ground, while truths about innovation also come from the top-performing financial institutions.


53.3 percent: Portion of top financial innovators who observe market trends first.

$67.2 million: Amount businesses are projected to lose by 2021 due to weak digital IDs.

60 percent: Share of German consumers who would prefer banks to issue digital identities.

40 billion: Amount of transactions processed annually by Worldpay, which is becoming part of FIS.

61.7 percent: Portion of health and beauty merchants who cite customer loyalty as a reason to innovate.