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Today In Data: The Era Of Evolving Expectations

Today in Data: The Era of Evolving Expectations

A new year is as good a time as any to think about change – which is probably why resolutions are popular to make, if not to follow through on. But whether intentional or not, consumers are changing how they approach commerce, which means those who serve them need to follow their lead. For some players, that means overcoming reluctance to invest in something new; for others, it means rethinking the role they play in the broader commerce ecosystem, while others are figuring out how to manage expectations in a re-aligning world. What won’t change is that consumers want to feel secure – even in the face of increasingly creative cybercrooks.


$84 billion: Apple’s expected revenue for the holiday quarter, down from a range of $89 billion to $93 billion.

2,216: The number of confirmed data breaches across 65 countries, according to Verizon.

92 percent: Share of QSR customers who find using an app to place an order to be a positive experience.

62.5 percent: Share of QSR managers who have onfidence in QSR apps.

3: The number of hurdles financial services players need to overcome to embrace omnichannel end-to-end service, according to Diebold Nixdorf.