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Powering The New Digital Normal

Powering The New Digital Normal

As 2019 is entering into its second half, there is no shortage of investments in the future of the consumer experience. FIs are investing in building the next generation of services for consumers and small businesses, and VCs are investing in the FIs that are making the most progress. But the challenge, of course, isn’t just investing in delighting consumers, but in building the suite of digital services and products they actually want, since almost nothing is universally popular.


$39.6 billion: Amount of money FinTechs raised globally in 2018, according to Visa’s figures.

70 percent: Share of consumers who are subscribed to at least one digital streaming service.

52 percent: Share of FIs that will concentrate on user experience over the next three years.

30 percent: Share of American consumers who report having used Mobile Card Services.

8 percent: Share of streaming subscribers who plan to cancel their subscriptions within the next year.