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Today In Data: Digital Upgrades Where You’d Least Expect Them

Today in Data: Unexpected Digital Upgrades

There are places where one would expect that technological innovations would play a big part in making things run better: banking, finance, payments and wearables are all favored topics here at PYMNTS. But the march of innovation goes off the well-worn path as well. Pawn shops may seem a tech proof-industry, but in Russia they’re adding blockchain to the mix. And while making patients’ medication compliant might seem an educational issue, a lot of progress in that arena can be made with technical pharmacy upgrades.


$1.4 trillion: The value of transaction banking revenues in 2018.

28 million: The number of Apple AirPods some analysts predicted the company would ship in 2018.

50,000: The number of customers claimed by a group of Russian pawn shops, collectively known as MosGorLombard.

50: Percentage of chronic disease patients who do not take their medications correctly.

12: The number of minutes a pharmacy customer can count on waiting in line.