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What Makes For Real Change In Payments?

What Makes For Real Change In Payments?

Cash may never really die, but that doesn’t mean speed enabled by digital technology isn’t playing a varied role in payment change and innovation. As things change, computers are rendered obsolete — what, then, happens to databases? Real, lasting change also is shaped by the deals made among payment services providers. And new technologies deployed to what often amounts to the back corners of payments and commerce also promise future innovation.



66 percent: The approximate amount of U.K. payments made by digital means.

$40 billion: The value call center software is projected to surpass by 2024.

12 percent: The portion of call centers with plans to invest in chatbot tech by 2019.

$39 billion: The amount paid by Fiserv to buy First Data.

74 percent: The percentage of consumers who trust fingerprint or voice identification more than PINs or passwords when interacting with call centers.