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Serving Up Innovation On Demand 

Serving Up Innovation On Demand

Feeding the world is a noble goal – and in the digital era, it’s not a bad line of business to be in, either. Hence the ever-shifting competition to be the firm that delivers deliciousness to consumers’ doors. But with every innovative march forward there are headlines pushing back – in the form of cybercriminals looking for an illegal taste of the action, outdated methodologies that hold back the path of progress or the series of invisible hurdles that make moving funds around the world harder than it might look at first glance.


$410 million: Amount DoorDash paid Square for Caviar.

$2.1 million: What VertoFX raised in its seed funding round.

51,000: Number of restaurants connected by the OpenTable platform.

76 percent: Amount by which phishing attacks increased between 2018 and 2019.

75 percent: Share of businesses that still make or receive check payments.