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Setting Retail Goals With Sustainability And Subscriptions

Setting Goals With Sustainability, Subscriptions

Direct-to-consumer (DTC) brands are aiming to make the chocolate industry more sustainable by cleaning up the supply chain with the help of blockchain technology. In retail, brick-and-mortar merchants and eCommerce firms are striving to offer compelling subscription offerings. And the growing ethical products category brought in $114 billion in revenue last year. All this, Today in Data.


$114 billion: The amount that ethical products brought in as a category in 2018.

65%: Share of consumers who reported having a strong preference for purchasing sustainable products.

55%: Portion of retailers in one study who said subscriptions increased customer loyalty.

26%: Share of consumers who reported seeking out and rewarding a firm for their green practices.

1 billion: Projected number of video streaming service subscribers worldwide by 2024.