Today In Data

The Rise Of Mobile Order-Ahead And Experiential Retail

Mobile order-ahead has had a substantial impact on the restaurant industry. The prevalence of delivery has increased since last year, primarily due to the rise of mobile ordering apps. And in brick-and-mortar, physical retail is evolving to reflect consumer demand for more in-depth experiences, even with the growth of eCommerce. All this, Today in Data.


19,700: Square footage of the new Lululemon “experiential store” in the Mall of America.

70: Approximate number of RH Galleries, which are expansive, museum-style stores.

62 percent: Portion of QSR customers concerned that their online interactions could be at risk for fraud.

58 percent: Share of mobile order-ahead orders that are ready for pickup in less than two minutes.

18 percent: Portion of restaurants with in-house mobile ordering capabilities.