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Today In Data: Convenience Delivered By Speed And Streamlining

Today in Data: Convenience via Faster Payments

The key to making something more convenient for consumers usually lies in one of two areas: making something faster to do, or making it simpler to access (bothm if possible). It’s why real-time payments are a global hit – particularly among gig workers and contractors who work more when they can be paid more often. But for consumers with limited time and screen space, faster isn’t enough – consumers are also searching for simpler. But simple is often easier said than done, particularly as regulation is intentionally interjecting friction on behalf of everyone’s privacy.

$1.3 trillion: Estimated value of the Chinese cross-border eCommerce market.

$25.9 billion: Projected value of the instant and real-time payments market within five years.

85 percent: Share of gig workers who said they would take on more work if they could be paid faster.

30 euros: The amount above which all transactions must go through an SCA practice after PSD2 regulations go into effect.

27: The number of apps the average consumer uses per month, according to Nielsen.