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Adjusting To The Pandemic With Loans, Apps And Biometrics

Using Loans, Apps, Biometrics During Pandemic

The Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loans are viewed not only as a “must-have” to navigate the current challenges – they are also seen as tools that can position SMBs in a post-pandemic world. And apps that have been “nice to have” have become lifelines to commerce in many cases, while biometrics have been promoted as a digital fraud fix. All this, Today in Data.


$145M: The amount AI fraud prevention firm BioCatch raised in its latest round of funding.

62%: Share of firms that plan to use their physical locations exactly as they did before the pandemic.

44.6%: Portion of PPP applicants who said the loans would let them keep employees and re-open their firms.

22%: Share of respondents in a recent TransUnion survey who claimed they had been targeted by COVID-19-related digital fraud.

5.4B: The number of people worldwide who downloaded a shopping app in 2019.