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Auto-Refills, Food Ordering And RVs Gain Momentum

Auto-Refills, Food Ordering, RVs Gain Momentum

The auto-refill economy is on the rise, and marketplaces as well as brands are making it easy to order all sorts of items this way. In dining, an increasing number of quick-service restaurants (QSRs) are depending on third-party delivery platforms to expediently and conveniently bring food to diners’ doorsteps. And in travel, recreational vehicles (RVs) have found a place in the Digital 3.0 world amid the pandemic. All this, Today in Data.


69%: Share of Americans who plan to travel in the next three months for seven to 10 days at a time.

57%: Portion of Generation Y that prefers to order and pay for food using an app.

2/3: Portion of U.S. consumers who still fear spending time in a physical store.

20%: Share of U.S. consumers who reported shopping for groceries online in a mid-July study.

1.2%: Increase in seasonally adjusted retail spending in July.