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Consumers Turn To Digital Ordering During The Pandemic

mobile food ordering

The coronavirus is strongly impacting restaurant operations and interactions with possible customers, while it is also highlighting services that provide fast and seamless online ordering to reach diners stuck in their residences. And, in grocery, Kroger registered a strong first quarter as shoppers showed they will go to the supermarket with the correct safety measurements, while demonstrating that eCommerce shopping is no fad in the post-pandemic era. All this, Today in Data.

Today in Data


92%: Increase in Kroger’s digital sales in the first quarter.

80%: Average increase in order value when customers order directly from restaurants’ websites.

59%: Share of U.K. adults who would now consider using their mobile phones to order and pay from tables.

$42B: Total sales take of Kroger in the first quarter, as it posted strong results.

25%: Portion of restaurants that have permanently closed nationwide.