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Delivering Coffee And Groceries To Consumers With Automation

Bringing Coffee And Groceries With Automation

Coffee retailers are driving ordering innovation with digital technology. Luckin Coffee, for its part, is entering the automated retail market with the rollout of a smart unmanned coffee machine and a smart vending machine. And in other automation news, big-box retail is innovating with the help of robots. Walmart, in one case, is aiming to solidify its position as America’s biggest grocer with a robot called Alphabot. All this, Today in Data.

Today in DataData:

4,507: Number of self-operated locations of Luckin at the close of last year.

3,600: Number of Starbucks locations in China as of last August.

593: Number of new stores Luckin opened in the second quarter of last year.

56 percent: Share of Walmart’s total U.S. revenue made up of supermarket sales.

10: Number of times faster that automated grocery systems like Alphabot can reportedly pick and pack orders.