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Enabling Delivery And Voice With Digital Technology

The concept of brand voice took a literal turn this month, with Amazon’s latest rollout, Amazon Polly, an AWS product that provides neural network-based text-to-speech services. And in dining, restaurants are teaming with online platforms to bring diners their favorite menu items. Krispy Kreme, in one case, plans to roll out nationwide deliveryDoorDash will send doughnuts by the dozen as well as boxed coffee. All this, Today in Data.


75: Number of standard voices Microsoft offers via its Azure Speech Service API.

57 percent: Share of consumers who have at least one QSR app on their phones.

35 percent: Approximate portion of the U.S. meal delivery market that DoorDash controlled in October 2019.

31: Number of new AI-synthesized WaveNet voices Google recently announced.

3: Number of AI-generated voices Microsoft currently offers in preview mode.

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