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Digital Approaches To Pizza Ordering, Auto Sales And Gov’t Aid

Digital Pizza Ordering, Auto Sales And Gov’t Aid

Debit cards can offer quick aid to recipients who are not able to receive funds through direct deposit, while allowing them to access funds without encountering the charges usually associated with cashing checks. In quick-service restaurants (QSRs), pizza sales are going through the roof, and pizza chain hiring is on the rise during COVID-19. And in autos, the shift to digital car buying amid the pandemic could become permanent. All this, Today in Data.


6,300: Approximate number of Domino’s locations.

83%: Share of consumers who reported before the pandemic that they were eating pizza at least once per month.

54%: Portion of automotive dealers that had the capacity to start the online purchase process pre-pandemic.

11.7%: Increase in YOY debit card spend during the third week of May.

4M: Number of Americans who have received stimulus funds on prepaid debit cards.