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Digital Innovations In Retail, ID Verification And Banking

Innovations In Retail, ID Verification, Banking

Sharing economy providers are investing in digital identity verification offerings to keep their users safe. In digital-first banking, the evidence of the great digital shift is not only visible anecdotally – it is seen in the data as well. And in retail, companies in the organic mattress space are running on a tri-brid business model that covers direct to consumer (D2C), third-party retail distribution and owned retail locations. All, Today in Data.


18: Number of brick-and-mortar mattress stores operated by Naturepedic.

77%: Share of U.S. consumers who are more likely to engage a business’ services if it offers improved identity verification.

75: Approximate number of countries in which payments firm Sokin offers payment cards.

31%: Increase in account takeovers year over year.

17%: Share of senior citizens who were logging into their financial accounts via smartphones at least once a week as of June.