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Digital Retail Innovation With Shopping Festivals And Mobile Checkout     

Innovation With Festivals, Mobile Checkout

China’s 618 shopping festival was closely observed for signs that the consumer will help spend the nation out of COVID-19, and the success of the event shows that is a likely outcome. The country’s online gross merchandise volume (GMV) for a three-week period in early June jumped compared to the prior year. And in technology, firms are offering checkout apps that let shoppers track and pay for items via mobile without visiting a cashier. All this, Today in Data.


628.1M: Number of Pinduoduo’s active buyers.

138.8%: YOY increase of eCommerce sales for Dada’s eCommerce platform, JDDJ, from June 6-14.

78.1%: Share of digital wallet users who would rather make purchases through non-traditional, unattended means.

12: Number of minutes it took for the first order to be delivered during JDDJ’s June 18 live broadcast show.

$7.6M: Amount that mobile checkout company Shopic recently raised in funding.