Digital Technology’s Role In Reshaping Retail And Finance 

Digital Tech Reshapes Retail, Finance

The automotive market is continuing its comeback with the digital-first economy taking a lead role, while firms like GameStop have been beneficiaries of orchestration technology. In eCommerce, consumers started shifting to shopping and paying online out of need, but they are now doing so by choice. And in payments innovation, financial institutions are building out systems to supplement or take the place of correspondent banking models. All this, Today in Data.


339K: Minimum number of customers who have downloaded GameStop’s mobile wallet loyalty card.

60%: Portion of total cross-border payments on the SWIFT network.

53%: Share of consumers who are shifting to online retail shopping because they do not want to go outside.

26%: Portion of businesses concerned about the data security of their cross-border payments.

1.3M: Minimum number of new vehicles sold in August 2020.