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Filling The Gaps, Securing The Weak Spots

Filling The Gaps, Securing The Weak Spots

There is no shortage of pressure points where consumers are pushing for progress – faster payments, mobile wallets, unattended retail, 5G … take your pick. But for all the pressure to push forward, there are plenty of stumbling blocks and stutter steps when it comes to providing for security, the availability of tech or access to capital. But the irresistible force of meeting expectations is rendering a whole lot of obstacles that are less immovable than they have appeared in the past.

Today in DataData:

$175B: Approximate size of the lending gap for Southeast Asian SMBs.

27K: Approximate membership of a “stop 5G” U.K. group.

82 percent: Portion of employers reporting shortages in cybersecurity professionals.

78 percent: Share of mobile wallet consumers who want to make non-traditional unattended retail purchases.

29.2 percent: Portion of convenience stores that have not updated to EMV due to costs.