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Focus On Contactless Payments And Leases Emerges In Retail 

Focus On Contactless, Leases Emerges In Retail

Attention is turning to retail leases, as it has in the first week of each month during the pandemic, with one of the nation’s biggest real estate firms reporting only about two-thirds of collections. And Dunkin’s Speedway exit is putting the focus on contactless transactions, although the coffee chain says it is ending the relationship because of limited menus and space. All this, Today in Data.


2,700: Number of stores at which Gap Inc. suspended rent in April.

65.3%: Share of Q2 2020 rent that Retail Properties of America collected as of the end of June.

30%: Portion of consumers who reported using contactless payment methods for the first time since the pandemic.

10 cents: Amount per gallon qualifying customers can save through the “Sip Dunkin’, Save at Shell” promotion.

0.3%: Share of U.S. consumers’ POS transactions that were contactless in 2016.