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Fueling Innovation In Retail And Commerce With Digital Technologies

Fueling Retail Innovation With Digital Tech

Many restaurants have been stressed to their breaking point during COVID-19, but innovations like artificial intelligence (AI) can help diners interact with expanded and diverse menu options. In retail, Walmart set a start date on its subscription plan, which will serve as its challenge to Amazon Prime. And a majority of consumers are conducting most of their banking online, while many firms that still rely on manual processes are struggling through pandemic-fueled market disruptions. All this, Today in Data.



$98: Yearly cost of the Walmart+ subscription service.

75%: Share of banking customers who plan to maintain most of the digital habits they adopted during the pandemic.

50%: Approximate share of U.S. corporations that still use paper checks for supplier payments.

$40B: Potential market value for restaurant meal kits.

7%: Portion of restaurant orders that are made for delivery.