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How The Pandemic Has Reshaped The Global Payments Market

How The Pandemic Has Reshaped Global Payments

The global health pandemic that started this spring has now pushed past its 120th day, and the global payments landscape is now fundamentally different. Many segments have been hit hard by consumers’ rapid transition to digital channels, while others have unexpectedly soared, pushed by an influx of homebound consumers. The pressure is on across the board for all players to raise the level of their digital game, and the ones who don’t may not be around to play much longer.


$30T: Size of the global cross-border payments market.

$1.7B: Amount of the write-down Johnny Walker maker Diageo took as a result of declining global sales.

47%: Share of consumers who use direct deposit as their preferred method of receiving payment.

32%: Share of U.S. TV-watching households that no longer have traditional pay-TV subscriptions.

30: Approximate number of days the average person needs to habituate to a new behavior.