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The Impact Of The Coronavirus On Retail Earnings, Reopenings

Impact Of Coronavirus On Earnings, Reopenings

The coronavirus had a strong impact on Disney for the first three months of this year, with falling overall revenue that largely stemmed from its closed theme parks. The pandemic also hit other parts of the firm’s media empire, including its movie segment. And in retail, Nordstrom and Lord & Taylor are dampening the industry’s reopening plans. All this, Today in Data.


$150M: Amount of savings Nordstrom expects to see from store closures and changes to inventory distribution.

60 cents: Earnings per share Disney reported for Q2 after adjusting for restructuring charges and other effects.

16: Number of full-line stores that Nordstrom will close.

$1.4B: Amount by which Disney’s revenue was down for the first three months of 2020.

$1B: Minimum loss that Disney’s direct-to-consumer (D2C) segment will see in Q3, per management.