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Consumers Cope With Loss Of Income As COVID-19 Closes Businesses 

Consumers Cope With Loss Of Income Amid COVID-19

The coronavirus pandemic has triggered a wave of unprecedented business closures and has put millions out of work. Many consumers who live paycheck to paycheck are encountering hard choices now that the pandemic has halted their cash flow. Some anticipate that they will need to start pulling from their savings, if they have any available. All this, Today in Data.


2,118: Number of consumers PYMNTS surveyed to learn more about how COVID-19 has disrupted their personal finances.

134: Number of days U.S. consumers expect the pandemic to last.

59.2%: Share of U.S. consumers living paycheck to paycheck.

48.8%: Portion of U.S. workers worried about losing their jobs.

45.5%: Share of newly unemployed consumers with $2,500 or less in savings.