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Innovative Business Models For Groceries, Payment Plans

Innovative Models For Groceries, Payment Plans

Misfits Market has transformed “rescued” produce into a quickly expanding digital grocery platform. Its growth has been so successful prior to and during the pandemic that it has brought in new funding to grow its unique subscription box model. And in the buy now, pay later (BNPL) arena, flexible in-store payment plans that assist shoppers in handling large-ticket purchases are becoming more popular in the United States. All this, Today in Data.


15K: Approximate number of brands that already offer or plan to offer Afterpay’s BNPL solution.

400%: Spike in consumer demand that Misfits Market has seen during the pandemic.

95%: Share of Afterpay payments that never incur late fees.

$85M: Amount of new funding that Misfits Market has attracted to grow its subscription box business model.

1M: Number of U.S. consumers Afterpay recently onboarded within a 10-week span.