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Taking New Approaches To Retail And Microbusiness Banking

New Approaches To Retail, Microbusiness Banking

Merchants are focusing on re-engaging shoppers now that brick-and-mortar retailers are reopening across the United States. In eCommerce, in an effort to attract and retain online customers, Amazon’s The Big Style Sale is serving as something of an event filler as Prime Day has been delayed due to the pandemic. And in banking, credit unions (CUs) are innovating to help the microbusinesses that make up a small yet key part of their ecosystem. All this, Today in Data.


2017: The year Amazon acquired the Whole Foods grocery chain.

$100M: Amount of a fund Netflix has set up to help creatives whose jobs were affected by COVID.

46%: Share of credit unions that are planning to add digital wallet options in the next three years.

42%: Portion of consumers who are using digital channels more often than before the pandemic.

36%: Share of CUs that consider microbusinesses to be a very or extremely important part of their member base.