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Pandemic’s Digital Shift Spurs Pet And Fashion Retail Innovation

Digital Shift Spurs Pet, Fashion Innovation

Direct-to-consumer (DTC) pet brands are navigating changes in the market caused by a pandemic-led digital shift. Pluto Electronics, in one case, has created a unique strategy for entering the U.S. and European Union markets with a product for cats called Circle Zero. And in fashion, MySize has designed a potential alternative for the fitting room. All this, Today in Data.


12K: Number of potential leads Circle Zero received after posting photos and product descriptions on Facebook and Instagram.

$399: Price of Circle Zero’s automated litter box on Indiegogo.

$281M: Amount by which online pet food sales jumped from February to March 2020.

30%: Drop in worldwide eCommerce revenue for March.

21%: Increase in April’s online clothing sales over the same period last year.