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The Pandemic’s Impact On Shopping Habits And Gaming

Pandemic’s Impact On Shopping Habits And Gaming

Most consumers don’t have any plans of reverting to their pre-pandemic shopping habits, even as portions of the U.S. economy continue to reopen. They are still shopping from their residences and are purchasing more online than they were prior to the start of the reopening. And in gaming, Las Vegas casinos shut their doors in mid-March due to the pandemic, which sent Nevada’s unemployment rate to almost twice the U.S. average. All this, Today in Data.


2K: Number of U.S. consumers PYMNTS surveyed about their shopping behavior as state economies begin to reopen.

62%: Share of millennials who are highly concerned about COVID-19.

35.7%: Portion of U.S. consumers who are now buying retail goods online as of May 23.

28.2%: Unemployment rate of Nevada, which is nearly twice the U.S. average.

9: Number of additional months consumers expect the pandemic to last on average.