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Retail’s Philanthropic And Creative Marketing Efforts Amid COVID-19

Philanthropic, Creative Efforts Amid COVID-19

Direct-to-consumer (DTC) brands are engaging in philanthropic activism to offer help amid the coronavirus crisis. DHVANI, in one case, aims to provide a free mask to Americans to help slow the pandemic’s spread after rolling out an earlier initiative to support reforestation efforts in Australia. And brands are finding new ways to get in front of customers through efforts such as partnerships, with cinema group Curzon teaming with Uber Eats. All this, Today in Data.


100K: Minimum number of requests for masks DHVANI has received one week into its campaign.

327M: Number of American residents for which DHVANI aims to provide a mask.

48: Approximate number of pounds of carbon removed from the atmosphere each year with every tree DHVANI plants.

8.8M: Acres of burned brush DHVANI aims to support with its Buy One, Plant One initiative.

£3.50: Delivery fee for a “home cinema bundle” from Curzon via Uber Eats.