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Retail Brands And FIs Move Toward Digital Offerings

Retail Brands, FIs Move Toward Digital Offerings

The news about Nike’s fourth-quarter earnings announcement focused on what would be a large loss at any other time, but the real story is a full and dramatic reposition of a top global brand toward “digital 3.0.” And digital banking has become the new normal, as social distancing measures and stay-at-home orders reduced the ability of financial institutions (FIs) to offer services in branches. All this, Today in Data.


$790M: The loss Nike reported for the period that concluded on May 31.

200%: Increase in new mobile banking registrations in April.

40%: Share of customers who plan to return to physical bank branches after the pandemic.

8M: Minimum number of times the Nike Commerce app has been downloaded since February.

5M: Approximate number of workouts on the Nike Training Club app per week in April.