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The Need For Speed And Other Unexpected Side Effects Of Post-Pandemic Digitization 

Side Effects Of Post-Pandemic Digitization

Some part of the response to the COVID-19 pandemic was pretty easily anticipated early on. We all could have guessed that consumers would go digital in response to the physical world being more or less shut down for several months. The fact that the shellfish industry would see a great DTC digital boom? Probably less expected. But as the desire to go digital has gone global, the recurring question is how to make the money move faster   – for workers and for businesses  – as the pace of the marketplace is speeding up across the board.


45M: Number of Brazilian consumers who are currently unbanked.

93%: Loss of revenue suffered by the Connecticut shellfish business between March and May due to the pandemic.

76%: Share of merchants that have suffered from cash flow issues since the beginning of the pandemic.

72%: Portion of British consumers who were banking online by the end of 2019.

10%: Share of consumers who eschew instant and digital payment methods in favor of checks.