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Social Shopping’s Potential Uptick

The Potential Spark Of Social Shopping In 2020

The potential of social shopping has been rich ever since large tech companies put their efforts behind linking content to commerce. Results, however, have so far fallen below expectations. Amazon, in one case, had to close its Spark social shopping entry last year – but multiple market dynamics could drive growth for social shopping in 2020. All this, Today in Data.

Today in DataData:

2019: The year Amazon shuttered its Spark social shopping entry.

75 percent: Share of surveyed firms that plan to maintain or boost their social media marketing investment within the next year.

42 percent: Portion of daily Instagram users who have made an influencer-based purchase.

$9.2B: Approximate amount spent on eCommerce orders on Cyber Monday.

$3.5B: Amount Amazon earned in advertising revenue for Q3 2019.