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Tackling Onboarding Friction, Counterfeit Goods With Digital Efforts

Tackling Onboarding Friction, Counterfeit Goods

Consumers are moving to digital channels en masse during the pandemic, and they want to be able to finish their transactions as quickly as possible. Onboarding has to be quick as well as seamless, and robust address verification is essential right now. And in retail, Amazon is growing its Project Zero effort, which aims to eliminate counterfeit goods through proprietary technology along with machine learning and cooperation with brands. All this, Today in Data.


10K: Minimum number of brands that have enrolled in the Project Zero anti-counterfeit initiative.

56%: Portion of U.S. banks that offer digital onboarding capabilities.

42%: Share of individuals that cite not having to remember passwords as a benefit of biometric technology.

17: Number of countries in which Project Zero is now operative.

$2T: Approximate estimated value of global trade-in counterfeits by 2022.