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Tapping Into Mobile Payments And Retail Technology Amid Digital Shifts

Tapping Into Mobile Payments And Retail Tech

As retailers scramble to capture the digital shift, it’s easy for some overlooked details, such as unanswered customer complaints, to harm their brands. To prevent this, a new category is emerging around the area of online reputation management, with a luxury automaker among the latest brands to embrace the technology. In payment methods, a shift to contactless is underway, and the stage is set for consumers to embrace mobile wallets more widely. All this, Today in Data.


70%: Approximate share of car buyers who check online reviews before contacting a dealer.

50%: Share of U.S. consumers who made at least four contactless payments in April.

45%: Share of merchants that have begun adopting mobile wallets or contactless security.

40%: Portion of U.S. consumers who have at least one contactless card.

2%: Amount of additional rewards the Apple Card pays if cardholders conduct transactions using Apple Pay.