Today in Data: eCommerce Sales Reign Supreme, Third-Party Shippers See Opportunity, Mattel Grows IP-Driven Rebrand


Third-party marketplaces are trying to capitalize on the opening left by Amazon. Plus, Mattel cites deals with Disney, Netflix, Warner Bros. and Microsoft as part of its IP-focused overhaul, and Mastercard Spending Pulse shows eCommerce sales outpaced projections in January.



$9B: Mattel’s market value

$13.5B: Hasbro’s market value

37.6%: Year-over-year increase in apparel sales

45.5%; 18.8%: Year-over-year increase in luxury item and jewelry sales, respectively

$10,000+: Cost of a 40-foot shipping container, up 80% to 100% since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic