Fast-Lane Finance: Accelerating Payments in the Trucking Industry

55% of Trucking Companies Emphasize AP Innovation as a Crucial Goal The trucking industry moves 72% of U.S. freight by weight and is the linchpin of a functional economy — but manual payments and legacy AP systems have the potential to bring this crucial sector to a grinding halt. The latest “Money Mobility Tracker®,” a collaboration with Ingo Money, examines the impact of outdated payment processes on the transportation ecosystem and the seamless flow of commerce.
Inside the November Tracker
  • Paper payments and manual processes add layers of complexity to the already intricate web of regulations, documentation and compliance in the transportation and logistics industry.
  • Delayed or erroneous payments can damage vendor relations and exasperate workers counting on consistent paydays. Adopting advanced payment technology is critical to solving freight payment woes.
  • Modernizing AP and leveraging innovative payment systems get truckers paid faster and improve cash flow for the entire firm.