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Demystifying Substantiation For FSA/HRA Transactions
Anyone who has been involved with administering flexible spending accounts or health reimbursement arrangements would agree that there is confusing terminology throughout. This article will provide a glossary of terms that, if used consistently, will make communicating more efficient.

Why Has the Adoption of Consumer-Driven Healthcare Lagged Behind?
During the last decade, costs have doubled for employers when providing health benefits to their employees. Short of discontinuing coverage options, or opting out completely, there have been few ways to escape rising costs.

Cutting Fraud, Slashing Waste, Saving Billions: The Case for a Healthcare Payments Network
The healthcare industry is choking on paper and manual processes that clog the system with more paperwork — hiding fraud, denying basic accountability and bleeding billions of dollars per year in fraud and duplicative costs.

Focus on Healthcare Payments
Total U.S. healthcare costs were a staggering $2.25 trillion in 2007, and they are expected to double over the next decade. While it’s true that public funds, such as Medicare and Medicaid

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