Europeans Eager To Use Biometric Payments

A new WorldPay survey indicated that 49 percent of European consumers would most like to see biometric payments emerge as a payment technology alternative. Biometric payments include fingerprint, palm and iris scanning, which are used to approve paying for goods and services.

The participant results indicate that consumers would prefer biometric payments instead of mobile technology options, which had a 30 percent support rate. Twenty-five percent would like to see online wallets and 23 percent are hoping to use SMS payments while only 12 percent said they would like to see social media emerge as a payment option.

“It’s interesting to see the public considering options such as biometric payments, a science that they may have seen in sci-fi films or on TV, which suggests familiarity and visibility of new payment technologies is crucial in moving usage from tech savvy enthusiasts to the wider public,” stated Ron Kalifa, deputy chairman at WorldPay.

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